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Kona 39 kWh charging time

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Hi, I have a Hyundai Kona EV with the 39,2 kWh battery. The "a better RoutePlanner" ist very helpful and accurate in planning routes for this model. Thanks a lot for your efforts.

The times calculated for charging are way too fast, however. Probably the reason for the fast charging times calculated is the fact that the route planner assumes the same charging rates as the big model, which is wrong.

You can roughly use exactly the same graph-course of the big battery model and multiply it by (39/64) = 0.609. Thus assuming a 76 kW maximum charge rate of the big battery model under perfect conditions gives you a maximum rate of 39 kW for the small battery model.


Maybe you can fix this issue in the planner and I will continue to monitor the Situation and Keep on validating.

Thanks again for a very good and realistic tool !


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