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Bill N

Arrival charge when waypoints are added

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Description:  When driving, I would like to be able to see the live estimate of the arrival charge at the final destination and/or the next planned charging stop even when waypoints are added to a journey.

Use Case: When planning journeys, I often add waypoints just to force a particular route to be followed. I don't intend to stop at those waypoints, but simply drive past them so that I drive the route I want to.

As far as I can tell, ABRP shows me the estimated arrival charger but this is always the charge at the next waypoint (regardless of whether I intend to stop there or not).

I don't care what the SOC will be at the waypoint which I will just drive straight past.. I would much rather see what the SOC is estimated to be at the next charging stop, or the next actual destination.

I think you could improve this by allowing the user to select whether a waypoint should be treated as an interim destination or simply as a routing waypoint.

If the user tells ABRP it is an interim destination, then ABRP will show the estimated arrival charge at that point.

If the user tells ABRP it is just a routing waypoint, then ABRP won't show the estimated arrival charge at that point, and will instead use the final destination / next charging stop / next interim destination.



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I use Google maps all the time for route planning and navigation. Oftimes Google will select a route not to my liking, and it is just a click on the new route to force Google to use my route of choice. I don't see this available here, so you have to create a bogus waypoint or two to force routing. There must be a better way!

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