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JF (egolf)

80% charge cap on 50kwh chargers

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Description: Hi , great tool by the way. this is what I was looking for. But the estimation of charging is not accurate since most cars will stop charging at 80% on fast charging stations (50kwh) 
Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=07ff9617-4ec7-4606-9333-75ab9153b00e 
Replication Steps:

in this case, leaving St-Hubert I should be at 80% after 20 mins, and should be near 10% when arriving at BRCC - Laurier Station. 

Driving a e-Golf 2018 

Also, does it factor in winter conditions? 


thanks , I'll continue using it and provide feedback

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Interesting, I haven't encountered a cap on any of the 50kW chargers I've used in my Bolt.  Everything I've used has been time-gated or not gated at all, you can charge as long as you like.  That seems overly restrictive, as there are sometimes gaps between chargers that you wouldn't be able to make (especially in an e-Golf) without charging to 100%.  That being said, I would agree that charging to 89% is suboptimal in this case, we'll have to take a look at the planning algorithm to see why it suggests that.

On winter conditions, we don't factor into charge time, but driving consumption you can set the outside temperature and the rain / snow to add some consumption to the drive.  We don't have it well dialed in to the Golf yet, so take it with a grain of salt, but it should be pretty close.

(personal pet peeve - kWh is a measure of the energy in the battery, kW is a measure of the flow of energy into the battery.  One kW for one hour yields one kWh of energy in the battery.)

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