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Charging network preference

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I suggest to add a way to select charging networks as preference as an addition to the current selection of connector type and charge power.

I suggest that you partner up with the charging network owners to ensure that the list of charging stations are always up to date.

In Denmark, four networks dominate: Tesla, Clever, e.on and Ionity. Additionally, I would suggest that you add Plugsurfing (and similar services that give access to multiple networks).


Use Case: 

// As a PEV user I want to plan charging stops on my trips based on the chargingn network subscription(s) I pay for so that I avoid pay-per-use charging stations and manual charge planning //

The reason for this feature request is that a lot of us have subscriptions to a specific charging network and therefore prefer to use that to reduce the charging costs.
I already use abrp for longer trips.

But when I drive in Denmark (where my e.on subscription covers), I always manually adjust the suggested charging stations to avoid the ones I do not have a subscription for.

When I go outside Denmark, I would prefer to be able to instruct abrp to use plugsurfing to make sure I only go to chargers where I can use the rf-id chip to charge.


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That's implemented already!

Klick on a charger, select "Prefer or avoid..."


and select


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On 1/21/2020 at 2:12 PM, leobaillard said:


I can't seem to find this option the new UI. Is this planned to be implemented? If so, do you have an idea of the timeframe?

It's not there (yet, hopefully).

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