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Trondheim - Bergen - Trondheim

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Hi, I am planning to make a road trip from Trondheim to Bergen on 31 October and return on 03 November using the New Nissan Leaf Tekna. Which route is best recommended for short distance? Where along this route can I stop for Chademo rapid charging? Should I expect to use ferries on the route (I wish to avoid ferries and only drive). And could it be possible to make this trip from morning (0400) to evening (1700)? Any advice Jason Rapp and co?

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I would definitely play around with some plans on the planner site, there's some good options along that route.  If you want to avoid ferries there's a setting under "More Settings" to do so.  On the default route I didn't see much in the way of ferries being required:


Note: I ran that route with the 62kWh Leaf e+, Not sure if that's the right battery size for you.

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