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How to know when charging is complete

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I recently used ABRP for the first time and was happy with the way it worked.  I don't do trips very often that require enroute charging, so it was an interesting experience.

I did find one aspect awkward, but perhaps this is just the way the Model 3 presents the information.

The ABRP charging step indicated the "Departure Charge" (78%) and the charge duration.  Since my charging status information doesn't show an actual percentage (maybe I didn't look hard enough), I grabbed my phone's calc app and determined that 78% of my rated 386km was about 301km.   I used this number to determine when sufficient charging had taken place.

If I had entered my Tesla login, could ABRP just determine when I've reached the departure charge and let me know?  Does the ABRP web page show something that indicates the charging status?

Thanks for your good work.

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This is not really an issue with ABRP as much as your choice on how you want data displayed.  You have it displayed in km but many people, myself included, suggest you changing it to battery percentage. It makes life a lot easier because you can see exactly when 78% is instead of doing the math like in your example.

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I agree.  It makes it easier when you are charging to switch to percentage.  I'll do that next time.

I just think it would be a simple change to have an option to display Departure Charge in KM or in addition to the percentage.

When you are driving, do you keep it displaying battery percentage?  If I'm 51 km from home and my display shows 12%, am I going to make it?


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The problem with that approach is that not all cars report range the same way.  Tesla does it as a simple multiplier on SoC % and rated range.  Nissan does it with an optimistic guess-o-meter, and Chevy doesn't explicitly display % in the car anywhere, instead only giving you 5% bars and a pessimistic guess-o-meter (You can get it through the app)

The only consistent method between all vehicles is SoC%, and if we support live data for your car you can have the browser up on your phone (assuming your live data is still connected) and you'll get a charging graph and see exactly when you're done.  For Tesla, the only way we support for now is via MyTesla login to retrieve that car data.

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