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charging time


Hi, encountered a glitch. Might not be bug, maybe more I that doesnt understand the use.

When adding a chargepoint as a waypoint and clicking the gear icon, a pop describes the charging option.

I have a pre defined time to charge, lets say 30 min. which I enter in "time".  (i.e. after 30 mins. i HAVE to leave ...)

When I plan the route ABRP still plans the route with a 37 min. stop at the charger.



Is it me that expect the time to be a "max" time to stop, which it isnt? , or how does it work then?


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I just tried that and it works just fine with me. If I make it stop longer than it "want's" me to it'll charge more into the car. If I make it stop shorter, it reduces the driving speed for the legs and it added another charging stop in order to actually make it to my destination.

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I think you misunderstood the question, still cant get my head around it though.

Yes I can add more juice i.e. more charging by changing the the charging time. Charging time just doesnt reflect the planned time anyway.

I.e  IF I type I want to stop for 30 min. then the plan says 37 min..... I.e. 7 min. more than I plan...



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