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Can we submit routes driven with actual energy consumed privately somehow? I'd rather not post my home address (And friends addresses) on a public forum.

We drove our 2019 LEAF+ (62 kWh, SL Trim) from North of Austin to North of Houston this weekend:

  • It was a 170 miles total according to Google maps.
  • It took 2 hours and 49 minutes.
  • We left with 100% and arrived with 13% SOC
  • Nissan Connect app says the trip was 167 miles with an average consumption of 3.8 miles/kWh
  • ABRP on default settings said I'd need to keep a max speed of 51 mph (On roads with 70-75 mph speed limits).
  • I actually drove 70-75 on those roads and made it to my friends house with 13% charge remaining. And that was with the car packed to the gills with myself, the wife, the baby and his car seat, clothes, pack and play and all the other essentials of traveling with a baby.
  • I had the plan "Goal Arrival Charge" set to 5% so I'm not sure why it was telling me to drive so slow to arrive with 20% SOC. The plan said that driving at 51 mph would get me there with 20% SOC remaining considerably higher than the 5% I selected.

The planner definitely seems to over-estimate consumption on the LEAF by a large margin. The default reference consumption is 3.24 miles/kWh at 65 mph. I kept raising the reference consumption until it gave me a plan that was as close as I could get to the actual drive: At 3.8 miles/kWh it finally stopped trying to limit my speed and had me arriving with 14% SOC. This also brings the total trip time to 2 hours and 49 minutes which is exactly how long it took us to make this exact drive.

If you can give me a private email address or something I can give you the exact starting and ending points and exact route driven.

As an aside note: Is there a way to avoid certain roads? For example: There's a toll road that goes around Austin (SH 130) with 80-85 mph speed limits, but it's way out of the way so it adds a lot of miles at very high speeds so it really increases battery consumption. Because of the added miles it doesn't usually save that much time. Taking it will usually save a couple of minutes but it's not really worth it due to the extra cost of the tolls and the extra cost of the energy needed from the battery to save maybe 2-3 minutes.

You might say: Just select the "avoid tolls" option. But I don't want to avoid *other* toll roads. For example, taking SH-99 going into the North Houston area saves 35 minutes vs the toll-free route (And it doesn't increase the distance at all, plus the speed limit is only 75 mph, so it doesn't increase battery consumption as much). I'm willing to pay tolls to save 35 minutes, but not to save 2-4 minutes. It would be really nice if you could just select certain roads to avoid altogether.

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