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Nevada City, CA - Waldport, OR - Eugene, OR in our Bolt

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We made a list of charger locations on our route and stopped when we needed to.  We planned one stop ahead.  Time to charge at the Chargepoint 19 Kw chargers was only about twice the time for 50 Kw chargers and cost of power was about half.

Only twice did we see another EV at a charger.   We found one charger broken but located another within a few miles.  Twice we stayed at motels with chargers and charged to 100% overnight.  Normally you must move your car promptly after charging to avoid a parking fee.  A quick check showed two more motels with Level 2 chargers that we could have considered.  Once we charged while eating lunch.

We relied on the range indicator and stopped charging too soon in Redding on the way home.  It indicated 20 miles more than the distance home but we had just descended about 3,000 ft.   The Bolt range indicates too high when descending in elevation (about 5 miles per 1000 ft.).  And, we had about 2,000 ft. to climb.  We arrived with 5% state of charge.

Check the table for details.Waldport trip web.pdf

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David, My wife and I made almost the same trip in reverse in a Kona EV 64 kwh.  I planned the trip with abetterrouteplanner and printed several scenarios.  I couldn't use the phone app since it was only in kilometers and didn't want to convert every time I looked for something.  Excellent chart you provided.  Surprising that several of those chargers were on our radar as possible charge locations.  We additionally use plug share to find free and motel chargers.  The motel chargers were J1772 and were supplied by the motel for EV's.  These were chargepoint and only needed validation and there was no penalty for not unplugging.  We also stopped in  Chico at the Sierra Nevada Brewery and ate while using their free charger.  All in all we had 7 free charges.  We also did not use any 19kwh chargers as our Kona can charge up to 76kwh.  We did use the 50kwh Chargepoints several times.  Interesting after talking to the support staff at Chargepoint, they say the establishment sets the rate for charging.  I am going to suggest a feature that allows for overnight 100% charging as it changes the dynamic of the scheduling a lot. 

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