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Play-it-Safe mode

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Description: An option for routing to avoid using chargers that are more than some distance (e.g. the distance reachable from the minimum battery on arrival) from any alternative chargers. This would mean that I am not stranded if I arrive at a charger in the middle of nowhere and find it is out of order

Use Case: For example, routes from Swansea, UK to the north west of England tend to offer two options for medium capacity vehicles like the e-Golf and Ioniq (particularly in adverse weather), one via the Metropole hotel, and one via GB Electrical  neither of these has alternative chargers anywhere near; one only had a single stall, while the other has two stalls. Safe mode in this case would instead offer the route along the M4-M5, giving far more backup chargers. In this case, even if I arrived at a broken charger with almost no battery, if I could find a 7kW charger it would be sufficient to let me limp to the next rapid charger within a reasonable time, rather than needing multiple hours as would be the case in more remote locations

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I very much agree with this. I try to do it myself manually whenever I plan to charge away from home, using Zap-Map to find out how many charging machines there are at each charge location, and if any of them are currently out of order. Then if it looks like there's only 1 working machine I'll try to find another stop nearby and make a note of it. It's quite a cumbersome process though, so an automated feature would be great :)

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