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To verify and improve our models we need your feedback.  There's many ways we could use help if you actually own one:

  • Drive a plan and compare it to the actual battery used.
  • Drive a plan with the browser active, and update your actual battery percentage in the browser.
  • Contribute data via OBD or other methods.

The best way to improve the data is to provide data directly from the car.  Connecting your car not only improves the models, but allows you to follow up directly in the car while driving! We have several ways of doing that, but we need your help to figure out what will work with your car:

  • An OBD reader can be used in concert with a custom app like LeafSpy, or a PID list and Torque Pro.
  • If your manufacturer has an API to access data from the car we can set up access to that API, like we do for Tesla

If you're familiar with either of these, contact me at jason@abetterrouteplanner.com and I'll help figure out what we need to do to connect your car!

Thanks for providing feedback!

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I figured this was the best place to come to ask this question, and I'm a little surprised it's not been asked already.  Perhaps there is an obvious answer out there already that I've missed.

When using ABRP in the Polestar 2, is it going to be possible to get the map route displayed on the driver side display?  Currently, I have only seen Google Maps do this, so perhaps that is a deliberate limitation by Polestar or Google.

But without having the route shown on the map there, I find ABRP less useful to me.  I'd rather live with the limitations of using Google Maps, so I can get the navigation displayed on the driver side display and not have to keep glancing at the centre console screen. 


(Sorry - I didn't notice the separate EV specific sections of the forums initially, before posting here.  I can see the same issue mentioned in the Polestar 2 section, but also that there's no resolution to it yet.  Please add this feature!)

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