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More Supercharger Options

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Description #1: The minimum charging time should be adjustable to avoid charging times less than 10 minutes.
Use case: When manually adding a SC to avoid a speed limit (e.g. 120kmh), charging times of 1 minute were calculated.
Supercharging is not a pit stop at Formula 1 ?

Description #2: With the option "Long pause" a target SOC e.g. 80% should be adjustable.
Use case: "Long break" charge up to 100% SOC. If a target value were set here, the pause time could be calculated more precisely. It could also help, if a distance is to be driven in the shortest time.  You set the SOC at which a high charging speed is still possible.

Thanks! Juergen

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I like both suggestions! Regarding adding the charger as waypoint, I have also done that some times to acchive this. However it comes with the drawback that you need to specify the charge power manually, it does not use the charge power vs SOC curve for the car, right?

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It will use the charge power vs SoC curve, but it won't necessarily adjust for the maximum current output of the charger, so it might overestimate how fast you can charge.  If you're using a charger in our database the power and current / voltage should be used.  Either way, we always use the curve, but it may be an optimistic curve.

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