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SuC stall availability history

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Description:  I've noticed that ABRP shows the availability of the SuCs. It would be very interesting if ABRP could track the history of the sucs. Meaning number of stalls in a SUC at a given time and available stalls. It would also interest most users if ABRP could display the MAX and AVG charge speed of a session.

Then a graph similar as Goo


Use Case: When traveling a user can browse the history to check is that SuC is relatively busy during the time it is planned to visit.  Also, showing the AVG and MAX charging speed users get for for example the last 100 recorded charging sessions.

Alternatively, it would be useful to look at the aggregated data based on hour of day, and day of week or maybe even the combination.

For example, last Sunday I visited SuC Antwerp and it was super crowded when I arrived not only was it full I also had slow charging speeds.

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