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Charge at L2 instead of saying trip is impossible

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Description:  Show and utilize L2 chargers along the way.

Use Case: For long trips that lack adequate DC fast charging stations, providing L2 charging stations will make an impossible trip possible. 

I plotted a course from Las Vegas, NV to Bakersfield, CA.  It skipped the L2 chargers in Barstow, CA and sent me south to Victorville, CA for fast charging.

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We already have this option, if you go to "More Settings" and select "Level 2", and depending on what car you have set the charge speed it'll add in Level 2 chargers (Only J1772 at this point) when necessary.  It still may take you out of your way to avoid spending too long at a level 2 charger, but it'll do something close to what you're after:

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