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ABRP on my Kona64

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hi all

i used recently ABRP with my Kona64 to drive a 860km distance, and i just discovered the connection with Torque pro which should be a great feature.

I followed instructions available into the Ioniq thread, but it seems nothing is send to the cloud. i have verified on ABRP directly in settings but data are not displayed. Torque is well reading data.

now my question is the URL set to Torque should be this one: http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/kona64  ?

and the email i used to login to ABRP is well the same i set into torque from the push data menu.

Is there anything i'm missing?



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Yes, absolutely correct.  We have instructions available on our blogs (See links at end).  The email is the same as you log into the planner (different account from the forums) You can check for success once you're set up and actively sending data from the car by going to Settings > Show More Settings > View Live Data on the main site.

Soon I intend to figure out how to make this easier to set up, but for now let me know if you run into any issues setting up!


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