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Creating live data upload with abrptransmitter

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Just installed ABRP transmitter on my 2017 IONIQ EV

This app (for the headunit) sents the required info to ABRP.

steps to install:

0. go to https://github.com/g4rb4g3/ABRPTransmitter and download the .apk file onto a usb drive in the root folder

1. go to screensaver in the settings menu of the head unit and tap on the text:

   1- below the left option (Digital),

   2- below the middle option (Analoque),-

   3 - below the right option

   4- below the middle option (Analoque)

   5- below the left option (Digital),

   6- below the middle option (Analoque),-

   7 - below the right option

After these 7 taps a pincode screen opens. enter the time as shown in the top of the display

You are now in the android menu (see also video, Note you only have follow the first part to get into the menu) 



2/ in Android setting set "allow applications from unknown parties"

3/ go to all applications, browser

4/ run the app-debug . apk file downloaded from github (commit 1.5) (put in browser address window: "file:///storage/usb0/app-debug.apk" and enter)

5/ start the app (double press EV button)

6/ on your phone open abetterrouteplanner and follow the setup live data process (this gives you a token to enter into the app)


To Uninstall

Goto android settings> applications and pick abrptransmitter there. Then press uninstall. Keep in mind that you can not install it.

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I have a USDM 2019 EV Limited and I am able to get in using the 5+1 tap method on the System Info -> SW Info screen. However, I don't have a menu for "All Applications" or "Android Settings". Any ideas? I am hoping to install ABRP if I can figure out how to get into the normal Android menus!


My versions are:


SW Ver: AEEV19.USA.SOP.V098.181214.STD_H

FW Ver: AEEV.USA.286.180531.MICOM.D


Kernel: 3.1.10-tcc

Android: 4.2.2

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After a visit to the dealer the firmware has been upgraded and I cannot access abrptransmitter anymore.

I now use a cheap android 8 phone with evnotify and an OBD2 bluetooth dongle,

works fine, only need to activate both at the start of a long drive.



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For those wondering, the latest firmware still has the ability to sideload apps, but it's just gotten more complicated.  Don't know how that impacts ABRP Transmitter, but if somebody is comfortable with Android ADB & wants to tinker, see this XDA thread (Jump to pages 40 & higher for anything relevant to the latest version):


My Kona seems to be a little different, haven't yet figured out how to install things to it, yet.

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