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80 km/h speed limit on French roads


I have only just started playing around with ABRP as a means of getting a feel for whether driving an EV is feasible in our rural France location (Charente). But in looking at a few simulated journeys, it seems that ABRP was using speeds up to 90 km/h on french country roads. The speed limits for these roads was reduced last year to 80 km/h. This new speed limit covers those roads without a physical barrier between the traffic travelling in opposite directions, I believe. Being a newbie, I may be misunderstanding ABRP's output, but I thought I would flag it up as it could be quite an important problem if it's real.

I have attached a couple of screenshots by way of illustration. The first is on a stretch of the N141/E603 near us where the limit is 80 km/h (one lane in each direction) where ABRP is planning 90 km/h. The second is from a dual carriageway stretch further east where the speed limit is 110 km/h.

Am I missing something?

Screenshot at 2019-01-14 18-33-47.png

Screenshot at 2019-01-14 18-36-44.png

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