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Alpha Feedback - Jaguar I-Pace

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On 2/9/2020 at 2:37 PM, Bo (ABRP) said:

Do you know if instantaneous power is available? That is necessary for calibration. But yes, SoC is the most important part.

Hi Bo,

I’ve tried to do some OBD sniffing today, but been unsuccessful. Unfortunately neither of my OBD dongles will pair with my Mac so I’m unable to even start investigating. I know that OBD is possible, as I have another Beta app which uses it and it gives me data like battery temps, instantaneous power, state of charge, state of health etc. I just can’;t check it out for you as my phone works with both dongles but my computer doesn’t.

However, as far as the API is concerned, you can definitely get SOC, and it will update as the car moves as long your first send a “Force Health Check” command, then a “Check SOC” command. However, there is no way to get instantaneous power via the API. To log onto the API requires a username and password (for the owner’s InControl account) and the VIN of the vehicle.

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I'm trying to figure out if I can get real-time TLM for my I-Pace via Torque and an OBDII reader or other method. I don't see support for it. It seems some peeps have had a bit of success getting an API to connect to the I-Pace.  I'm willing to help -- I just need pointing in the right direction. My goal is to see if my actual trip I'm driving is following the plan I got from the app in real-time.

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