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Tesla updated SuC V2 to 150kW (138kW)

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Hello guys

I read on electrive.net and checked it in my Model 3 and it's true. https://www.electrive.net/2019/08/29/tesla-erhoeht-laderate-an-v2-superchargern-in-europa-auf-150-kw/

Tesla updated the V2 Superchargers in Europe to 150kW. Many of them. Some to "only" 138kW.

That makes the planning in ABRP even more complex. Hopefully you know, how to handle that. 

Are you planning to adjust the charging curve specific for different chargers?

Will you wait on real live data before updating the charging curves?

Thanks, looking forward to it.

BTW: Tesla Login is now dead stable in Model 3, Thumbs up. Keep up the good work.

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