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Charging park is not used in automatic planning though only one outlet marked as defective

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Description: Garten von Ehren has three charge columns with seven outlets, only one outlet is marked defective, so the location itself is perfectly useable.
ABRP though marks it as "This charger has limited access or function and is not used in automatic planning. Check web page!" thus doesn't include it into automatic routing. Before the one outlet was marked yesterday, the pace was included in automatic routing as expected. Somehow the GoingElektric data is interpreted the wrong way
Replication Steps:
  1. use Hanover (Hannover), Lower-Saxony as starting point
  2. Kiel es the destination
  3. Ioniq as the Car, 90% SOC, 110 km/h
  4. 25% min arrival, 10% charger min arrival
  5. all other points set to default
See the links above, first is with Garten von Ehren forced by adding it as a way point, sencond is without -> GvE is ignored
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