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Minimum CCS charging speed filter

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Description: I want to filter minimum CCS charging speed, since I am never interested in 50kw chargers.

Use Case: Tesla model 3 can charge at 200kw as of today. But most CCS chargers are 50kw, which is pretty much useless for me at long trips. I need to get from A to B as quickly and cheap as possible.

I am interested in for example Circle K, Ionity and Fortum 150kw and faster chargers only. These are both cheaper and faster than superchargers, if you're a model 3 user.

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I think we don't need such a filter. ABRP is optimized to find fastest solution. So it uses the fastest CCS anyway, if this leads to the overall fastest travel time. Try it out with Tesla CCS and CCS activated during planning. It will only use Ionity and similar instead of SuC.


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