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Specs android phone/data usage


I want to use abrp with live data in my Ioniq.

I tried to use my Iphone with EVnotify for the live data, however iOS place too much restrictions for this to work so far.


So now I'considering the following:

- buy an android phone with 6inch screen

- use evnotify on this phone to pick up the data from the dongle en sent to abrp

- use de abrp website in the browser of the phone to create route, etc.

- use my Iphone as hotspot.


My 3 questions are:

- would this work well?

- how powerfull must the android phone be for this to work well (motorola one good enough (eur 150,-)

- how much data would be used (1MB, 10MB or 100MB / hour)?




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I tested this last week with an old Samsung phone. It's 4 years old, an A3 I think, and other than having a small screen, it worked just fine.

As ABRP isn't a guidance engine, it's not as demanding on the phone as Waze or Google Maps for example.

In terms of data consumed, I'm going to going to take a guess that the ODB data is in the region of a couple of MB per hour.

But yes, a 6" screen would be helpful!

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