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The new S85 long distance experience optimized. Or: plan for mor and/or longer pauses.

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From Tuesday afternoon I've driven from north to south in Germany (~900km) with my 2015 MS85 with recent f/w and thus encountering reduced charging speed and range (nominal/usable battery capacity dropped by ~11% and end of charge voltage limited). It was not fun. I was trying to adapt my charging habits and came to the conclusion, that discharging below 5% and charging for less than 25 minutes could result in the shortest overall duration. I am used to not following the Tesla route planner since some time, it seems to be optimized more and more to for the 100D/long range thus providing less stops with longer sessions,.. then, when finished putting in the SCs, the Tesla navigation calculates in the background for up to 10 seconds before "adjusting" the charging times even longer. Following Teslas navigation would result in a road trip more than one hour longer than necessary.

To work through this I tried to confirm and compare while retroactively using ABRP. I set the current degradation to 16% but also limited charging to different min/max soc (1% or 5% min, and 51%, 56%, 601% 66% max). I then saw differences of ~15 minutes in longer charging sessions and between 6-7 sessions.

Does the current ABRP reflects the reduced charging speeds (S85 and S90) reported in your blog (see below)?

Will you add another S85 Model which is not limited thus having the faster charge characteristics? Or did I miss the option somewhere?

Last but not least after comparing different settings for my S85 I tried the same route with an 2019 long range 100d (Raven). Not only less & shorter charging stops but also the same distance was driven in shorter time!

First the route with an Model S85 w/ 16% degradation and reduced charging speed:



Than the long range 100D (Raven):


What puzzles me most is that the it not only takes 4 instead of 6 SC resulting in 54 minutes less charging time, but apparently manages to drive the same distance 22 minutes faster.

Thank you for creating this service and collecting/presenting all this data ?

Best regards, Oaito.

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PS: After resetting the Parameters and adjusting the max speed I've got a better time with the S85 than with the 100D, I presume mainly through setting the max speed to 180km/h, but it seems that the charging times from 1% to 75% soc are to short:


E.g. on my latest trip charging from 21% to 53% took 19minutes, from 1% to 75% 50min, to 45% 20min, 59% 30min and 65% 38min ? That said, given the distance per time, I calculate the following average speed: 148km/h,138km/h, 148km/h ,112km/h ,124km/h, 132km/h

I believe these average speeds are difficult to reach and wonder how my S85 will be able to have a average consumption of only 268Wh/km with these speeds. I will drive this route on Sunday afternoon, thus avoiding semi trucks and business traffic, will see how it works out.

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Is some of the extra driving time the time added (5 mins for each part of stop)?

in the 'time to open charge port' section of the settings?

How did your trip work out?

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