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ABPR always show „old planned routes“

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I am using ABRP on my Windows PC to prepare a route. Once I have done this, I save it.
during a trip I am using an iPad to look for the details.
For that reason I have saved the bookmark on my home screen.
when I click an this bookmark ABRP always starts with an old route, and I have to pick the current route again from saved plans, and start the routing again.
This also  happens, when I am on a trip, and the iPad goes off. Starting the iPad again shows a previous route, and I have to start the route planning again.
What is going wrong here?
the iPad ison iOS 12.
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I can confirm this. I had the same issue in Model 3 browser on Sunday. I followed a plan and after reopening the browser ABRP presents an old planning from some time before.

Maybe it picks up another planning done before on any other device with ABRP account logged in and does not take the latest one.


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Hello Bo

Can't tell. Most time I'm using the Model 3 browser. To be honest. I stopped using ABRP in Model 3, because it does not work reliable.

- Login problems with Tesla login

- nonsense automatic rerouting after a while, when only position is acquired from GSM

- time schedule not usable

- many other issues over the last month, see forum (bug in routing, but with waypoint order, bug with abrp login...)

- losing my route and get an old one was the last straw that breaks the camel's back

I think you have to decide how to proceed.

A. Building up a service for free with limited resources => concentrate on reliability, no new features, keep it stable. Maybe no support for Model 3 browser, if it's too complicated to get this stable.

B. Building up a service professionally with a monthly fee => leading service, reliable, feature rich. 

C. As you said in the interview with Björn. Sell the algorithm, close ABRP and leave the field to other people.

Your choice.

Right now, it is frustrating for us all.

My choice would be B.

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The Tesla infotainment screens (always there, always one) are excellent for tools like ABRP, which is why we still try to get it to work there, but the Tesla browser and API is so unstable that it is extremely frustrating.

That said, we will try to make the new version work on the Tesla browsers too. In some aspects, it is too good to give up on.

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2 hours ago, Sagitarius said:

I can give some more details on the issue that ABRP shows old plans.

From my expierence it only happens if I invoke ABRP from the bookmark on my home screen. If I start it in safari by starting to type „abetted...“ in the line it auto complete the address and starts ABRP. Then it works fine.

So I deleted the book mark on the home screen, created a new one. Now I can start it, and it ask (always) for my credentials. if I enter them, I always get Username or password is wrong. After some time I get ABPR is offline, try again later.

It seems that the problem occurs when ABRP is started from a bookmark.

So iOS, right? Try to clear website data in iOS settings, possibly under ABRP (which appears as an app). I have my iOS devel device at work so I cannot give exact instructions, I hope you find it.

Edit: How do you mean ask for credentials? Does it actively do that or do you manually go to ABRP login under settings?

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