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Show the required charge amount in kWh in the route planner

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Description:  Show the required charge in kWh for each stop in the route planner in addition to the Charge Duration so that users can plan for different capacity chargers.

Use Case: ABRP assumes the 'best case' with charge-capacity when planning for charging stops. It assumes that the user will be able to utilise the highest available charging current at the location but this may not always be possible if the high-powered chargers are occupied.

Could I suggest that the route planner display the expected charge/load in kWh so that the user can plan to use either a lower or a higher capacity device. This would allow the user calculate the difference in using a 50kW CCS over a 43kW Type-2, for example.

Perhaps the values could be hidden on the table, but displayed once the Charge Duration column header is clicked, etc.

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This will also help to calculate price for charged energy.

For example. Fastned official price is 0.59 Euro/kWh. But we in Germany can use another tariffs with 0.35/0.39 Euro/kWh.

It would be nice, if ABPR can display: Charging time hh:mm + xyz kWh, so we can easy calculate the price for charging session.

For Chargers that do not have price in ABPR but the user knows the price it would be helpful also. 

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