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I just tested this. I planned from Hollyhead to Swansea and it's only offering one route which is taking me though Dublin -> Wexford and then Fishguard.


If I set a waypoint in Goodwick Wales, it still persists in crossing the Irish Sea, then routing up from Fishguard to Goodwick. Amusing!

What's wrong with North Wales exactly?? ?


I had intermittently see similar when planning from Cherbourg FR to Rennes FR, it would plan to have me drive though the Jersey Islands. But it seems to be working ok now again.

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Amusing routes ? It seems like there was a bug in the OpenStreetMap data for the Holyhead port so that it was not possible to leave the port without taking a ferry. I just submitted a change to OSM and it will take until Tuesday-ish before it ripples through to ABRP.


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