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An embarrassment of riches

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I'm planning a trip from Boston to Toronto.  The first stop is a Supercharger in Albany - and there are two options just off the highway!  ABRP sends me to Colonie Center mall, where there are 3 (6) chargers.  But the Crossgates Mall (welcome to America) just on the other side of the highway has 10 (20) chargers.  

Is there a way to specify the Crossgates Mall, with its greater number of chargers?  Is there any reason why they don't show up in ABRP?


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ABRP pulls charging station information from OpenChargeMap. You could take a look on there to make sure that both stations are accurately entered on their map. If not, you can add/edit. Once it's showing in ABRP (a grey pin instead of a red pin your route is going to), you can click on it and select 'add this charger as a waypoint'.

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Thank you, Ned!  The station is listed in OpenChargeMap, and it's also in grey on the route.  I was able to select that station by clicking on it, per your recommendation.

I wonder, though, how ABRP chooses which of the stations to use.

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