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Tesla CCS charging in Europe, Australia and New Zealand

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Since the Model 3 was released in Europe, we have relied on the hard work by the Tesla CCS Spreadsheet team to keep track of Tesla CCS converted Superchargers in Europe. However, this is not being updated since a while and we want to start assuming that all Superchargers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand have been converted. 

Is this true? Do you know of exceptions?

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I can confirm that all supercharger sites in Australia & NZ are at least partially CCS converted (100% of sites, and about 88% of stalls at last count).

There are at least one under-construction site, which currently has no CCS stalls; however this site isn't open yet.  I would be very surprised if it opened without conversion occurring.

Spreadsheet where this has been tracked: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wTtPb02vWhi8RW_4VtsFyY34CWUoFzjPv-YXrZaJ9l4/edit#gid=0


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