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Charging time

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I always use abetterrouteplaner for long trips with my S 85D. But always the charge time (measure in percent) is longer than calculated. I arrived at Karlovac (Croatia) supercharger (it was my second supercharging during the trip) and according to planner I should charge from 8% to 67% in 29 minutes (from 09:18 to 09:47).

In reality I arrived with 7% at 9:18 and charged to 68% till 9:53. So 2% more charge took 6 minutes longer (35 minutes)

Also on my 5th supercharging during this trip I arrived with 9% at 18:10 and charged to 61% till 18:38. So 9% to 61% took 28 minutes.

The charging is always 5-10 minutes longer than planed. I try to change settings, as Time To Open Charge Port (currently I have set it to 3 minutes), or Battery Degradation (I set it to 2%, car has 70.000 km).

Is there any settings, which will correct this?

Thank You

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@Bo (ABRP) has a Model S as well, so he may be able to answer regarding real-world results.  A couple of factors that I can think of that would affect this, first if it's cold out you'll see somewhat reduced charge speed compared to the plan.  I assume you're already aware of the shared power between A|B stalls, and ensured you had your own stall that wasn't sharing power?

I'm not sure that there's an easy setting you could adjust to increase charging time to match, but we should probably investigate to figure out the discrepancy.

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Yes, of course i know abou A/B stalls. In Karlovac (Croatia) i was alone and it's 8 stalls supercharger, on 5th supercharging in Gyor (Hungary) there was another tesla, but it was on another charger. I'm always get > 100kw on beginning on charge.

Only difference what I know is, that my car has battery from P version. I have a some of last 85D cars and for some of them Tesla put battery pack from performance version. But I think, P packs are better (should have lower internal resistence).

It's not just about this trip. I'm using abetterrouteplanner for about a year and the charging speed is always longer than planned.

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You have a point. We measure the charge curves on reported charging power from the Tesla API, but there is likely some inefficiency between ingoing power and outgoing power. Normally, the Li-Ion batteries should be very good at charging efficiency but the cooling done by the car itself probably consumes part of that power. 

In the ABRP release later today, I have added an inefficiency factor to the charging time calculations internally (there is no parameter for the user to set), which I think improves the situation.

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