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Sean Turvey

Level 2 Car Chargers?


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On 8/7/2019 at 12:50 AM, Sean Turvey said:

How is the level 2 option used? I have fooled around with the kW to no avail. I can not get it to show any level 2s.

Presumably because it's pretty much never faster to use a Level 2 charger than CCS.  The only time you'd need that is when there are large gaps.  And even then, you're better driving a lot slower than spending time charging at a Level 2.  Here's an example trip from Houston which forces use of a Level 2 charger:


The other problem you'll run into is we let the plans go negative sometime to show you when and how a plan isn't possible, but the penalty for going negative isn't high enough to balance the Level 2 chargers.  Not an easy solution.

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