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IOS & Android App ?

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Are there any plans to have an IOS/Android app available? My car does not have a web browser like the Tesla and an app would be far more convenient. Maybe it could also be integrated with CarPlay and AndroidAuto ?

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We would definitely love to build an iOS / Android app, but Bo and I are pretty short on time as-is, if we find the right person to help out it's very high on our priority list!

Android Auto and CarPlay are different stories, I've done a lot of investigation as I have a Bolt which doesn't have a browser.  Android Auto is very restrictive right now, unless your phone is rooted it's very difficult to get a display into Android Auto.  I'm not as familiar with CarPlay, but I suspect it's similarly restrictive.  Once we have an app, Auto / CarPlay will definitely rise up the priority list.

For now, a pretty good workaround is to use the "webapp" feature that most browsers offer.  In Chrome you can go to A Better Route Planner, select the ⋮ button and pick "Add to Home Screen".  When you open that link, it'll be full-screen and work mostly like an app on your phone.  Not as good as a native app, but not terrible either!

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