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[New Car] Peugeot e-208/Opel Corsa E

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These share the same platform an will be released this year. They have a 50kWh battery pack.

Driving Model:

Option 1 - Analytical -

A        Peugeot: ‭2.49535‬m² Opel: 2.532775‬m² Source: https://de.automobiledimension.com/modelle/peugeot/208-2020 https://de.automobiledimension.com/modelle/opel/corsa-2020

Cd Guesstimate 0.26
Crr No idea, guessing similar tires to Zoe
M Peugeot: 1530–1558 kg Opel: 1530 kg Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peugeot_208_II#Technische_Daten https://www.opel.de/fahrzeuge/corsa/technische-daten.html
Pidle No idea.
η No idea. They have efficiencies of 16,9kWh/100km (Peugeot) and 17kWh/100km (Opel) respectively in the preliminary WLTP Cycle


Charging Model:

Charge Curve - Said to charge at up to 100kW, Said to charge from 0%-80% in 30 minutes (https://www.opel.de/fahrzeuge/corsa/einfach-elektrisch.html). Curve no idea, might be similar to iOn or not.

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On 8/26/2019 at 5:23 PM, Jinbei said:


How do you end up with an efficiency of 16,9 kWh/100km ?

If the WLTP autonomy is 340 km and the battery capacity is 47,5 kWh should not it be around 14 kWh/100km ?

Thank you

I've found the WLTP to be a bit optimistic, as we tune our consumption via modelling to 110km/h, and then add a little factor of pessimism to ensure we don't over-promise performance.  If we find that to be still too pessimistic once people start driving them in the real world, I'll be happy to update the figure!

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In February we made four trips with a total of approx. 400-500 km driving my girlfriends new Opel Corsa-e.

The actual Opel Corsa-e Alpha driving model is very accurate. The destination SOC had a maximum deviation of 1% compared to the real SOC, the deviation could also be a result of rounding numbers.

ABRP ++++ ?

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The Cockpit speed of Opel Corsa-e is very accurat:

It shows 131 km/h on cockpit


while GPS reports 129 km/h.



@Samuel-ABRP Why is the value for the "speed overreporting factor" so high then?

Yesterday noon while driving it was 7.1%  😲, in the evening just after arrival 4.0%.



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