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Using Tesla nav button/ limitations?


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Unfortunately yes, we tried many different tricks to get the Tesla Nav to recognize that we were sending it a supercharger.  That way it would pre-condition your battery for supercharging.  What may work (I haven't tried it) is sending the destination to the nav, then selecting the supercharger from the map once it auto-pans, and picking that as your destination.

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Hello Jason

I do it exactly as you said (picking Supercharger after auto-Pan). It's not nice, but the Tesla Nav Interface is obviously not capable enough to do it better. It also fails to find destinations send from the sharing button in Android. It's the best you can do.

I also often use the "Tesla Nav" button in ABRP, due to the lag of "intermediate destinations" within the Tesla navigation system, to send the next destination to my Tesla.

Often, when I'm charging at the supercharger it doesn't work because ABRP does not recognize, that I've reached the supercharger already. So it doesn't send the next destination but always the Supercharger I'm already sitting at. Maybe it is due to the unprecise information between GPS position of the charger in the map and the real position or the difference between "ABRP position" and the supercharger selected after auto-pan. See procedure above.

Could we have a bigger radius around a destination, where ABRP recognizes the "reaching" of a destination, so ABRP sends the next destination when hitting "Tesla Nav"?

Or could we have a button behind each individual destination in a plan to send this specific destination to the  nav? Something like that.




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