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ABRP adding a second charging stop

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New to car ( LR / AWD )and ABRP.  Live in Youngstown, OH, planning a trip next month to Washington DC. Total distance is 317 miles.  Nav system in car has one SC stop scheduled in Breezewood, as it's about 194 miles.  ARBP has two stops, one in Somerset, next in Breezewood.  If I delete the Somerset stop, it's shows a very low arrival charge at Breezewood. The route out might have some minimal elevation gain, but I also plan to drive right around 70 MPH.  Any thoughts on why ARBP is adding a second stop.  BTW, how do you add another stop to ABRP?  Thanks in advance.

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Could be any number of reasons:

  1. Starting SoC is too low
  2. Charger Arrival charge is too high (not letting it get low enough, forcing a charge break)
  3. Ref Consumption too high
  4. Ref Speed too high
  5. Headwind setting

With my default settings it seems to plan with only one stop:


You can add stops by clicking "Add Waypoint" and typing in another destination, or finding a charger on the map and clicking "Add as Waypoint", and we'll plan a charging stop at that charger.  This is very useful when planning to stop overnight at a hotel or campground with plugs.

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