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Weight, wind & degradation

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Hi all

 I want to know if I play with the weight and the wind configurations will this make the route planner better.

I want to know does the route planner allow for one driver’s weight or do I have to add 130 kg plus adjust the battery degradation to  5%,plus add in the headwind.

I want to know is this vital to it working correctly or does it not matter so much thank you . B

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Yes all those parameters are taken into account by the planner.

It does not take into account one drivers weight, you will have to add one yourself.

It will also work correctly with different parameters of course but the result will be more refined with better matching parameters.

Headwind can make a significant difference, battery degradation can also sum up to a significant difference and extra weight might be important if you have big changes in altitude on your route.

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