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Charging stations Chile

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Hi everyone, using ABRP i noticed the new Voltex chargers that were created in association with Copec weren't added yet, its a net of 24 chargers rated at 50kW going from near the capital Santiago de Chile all the way to Concepción (all of this in Chile, South America. I would really appreciate if someone could help me on how to add those or to whom i would have to speak in order to have those added. Thanks in advanced




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That's great news!

The best way is for us to get in contact with them and add them automatically with live updates.  Do you have contact information for the network?  Or do they offer an API portal we can access that information?

If that won't work, adding them to Open Charge Map will also work, but relies on manual editing to keep them up to date.

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Thanks for your quick awnser Jason,

I do have some a couple of them actually, they are sadly in spanish but pretty easy to comprehend.


The link above shows a map with all the charging stations in chile and their information, all the pink ones are the new ones, should be around 23-24.

This one is the website from the guys that made the network -> https://ww2.copec.cl/voltex

Thanks a lot in advanced!

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@Jason (ABRP)

I just checked and you guys already managed to add all the stations, this is amazing!

Im really greatfull, i hope this incentives more of my compatriots to get EV's, sadly its only one charging stall per station but if they start getting used im sure they will add more.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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4 hours ago, Cristo360 said:

@Jason (ABRP)

Hey jason, i was trying to plan a route on the above named chargers but they dont appear to be showing anymore. I just wanted to know why that is?

I've been on vacation for a little while, sorry it took so long to get back to this.

I am not sure what we did to pull these chargers into our planning, unless they were already in a database we're looking at (most likely Open Charge Map, but then, now I look at their map and don't see any chargers) perhaps they were added, then removed, or marked under construction/under repair?

In either case, I will work on contacting the network and see if they would be interested in an interconnect agreement with us, which would be the best option!

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