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Description: In preparation for a long trip, I saved a lot of destinations in "saved plans" using my ABRP login on a desktop PC.
Logging into my ABRP account on my smartphone does not give me my saved plans. The new ones added simply not appear.
After that, I opened ABRP with my account on my desktop PC at home and found my saved plans and added some more.
Now I still cannot find any of this saved plans in my smartphone, not in TESLA browser and strangely, not even in my desktop PC, where I even added some new ones a day before.
Where are they?
BTW: The X for closing the saved plans popup does not work. Maybe its a problem of refreshing the popup window?
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Desktop PC: ctrl+f5 doesn't help. Log out and log in again doesn't help either. Strange thing: If I'm logged off, I still get my original two saved plans displayed. I suspect the popup gets no refresh currently.

Smartphone: Also with another browser, I never used before, only my two original saved plans are there. Also after empty the cache of chrome, only my old two ones are there.

Could you look into my account, how many saved plans are stored there?


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