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Total Duration should be a running total

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I am planning a 5800 mile trip.  If I want to limit my traveling time to 8 hours a day there isn't a fast way of figuring that out.  You have to total all the individual duration times until you reach your desired max traveling time.  

Being able to enter the max desired travel time and then have the program show a line with that time is met or will be exceeded would be another nice feature. 

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I agree.  If planning a trip that exceeds one day, an accumulated duration would be great to determine where to end the first day's trip.  Implementing this is a piece of cake.  You already have the column.  You are already calculating the times.  All you need to do is show us the data!

Thanks in advance for implemented this very useful and very easy upgrade.

Once you determine the first day's stop, you can do the same for each subsequent day, starting from the place you will stay overnight.

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