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Christian W.

Recently used addresses dropdown not working

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The fields to enter destinations/waypoints offer a dropdown which I assume should list my recently used addresses. Additionally list items sport a pin which seems to make an address stay in the top of the list.

Unexpectedly the dropdown list does not contain my recently used addresses. It does not learn any addresses entered. I only find two addresses (Kiel and Løkken) which I somehow must have inherited by a deeplink to ABRP, as theses are not mine. Theses addresses stay in the list with our without own engaged, but no new addresses are added.

(Additionally it is not clear from the icon which state of the pins is representing engaged and not engaged.)

ABRP Login is active. The two list entries are synced to all devices. 

Replication Steps:
If this is not an issue only for myself, all systems should behave same.
I tried with a clean browser (deleted cookies): Lists are empty but also don't learn new addresses.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-09 um 14.39.10.png

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