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Trip timings: start, finish, meals

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Description:  A major aspect of planning a trip is when to start, when to arrive, and when and where to stop for meals. ABRP should have a for desired start time or arrival time and then display in the route the time of day the vehicle will reach each waypoint, so you can see where you will be at meal times. There should also be a setting for lunch stop length and dinner stop length, rather than the semi-random "take a long break here" function. Maybe it could just be "add 20-minute stop" and "add 45-minute stop"

Use Case: Set the desired start time for 8 AM. Then in the planned route, a column shows the vehicle starting at 8 AM, stopping at the first charger at 9:30 AM, the second charger at noon, etc. This allows the user to plan stops for meals and arrival more easily. Or change the toggle to desired arrival time of 8 PM, and the planned route shows when you would need to start in order to arrive at the desired time.

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