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Calculating trips for DIY EV conversions

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I have a DIY EV conversion and I am planning to build new ones. For trying to balance different aspects of battery pack size, charging options, size of the vehicle itself and all this vs. cost, I need to be able to fill in any amount of battery kWh and select any charging options independently of production vehicles.

It's nice that I can fill in any Wh/km already and select from many production battery sizes, but some problems remain.

Currently it's impossible to for example select a 85kWh battery with no CCS, no Supercharger fast charging, but with 10kW level 2 charging. Trying to disable CCS and Supercharging for a Tesla will automatically check the other one, even when Level 2 is checked already.

So, could there be a "custom car, please fill in everything yourself" option?

Of course this isn't useful only for DIY EVs. Making sure there's a way to select anything will help other people in other weird situations.

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