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Hi ,

New user here and first I would like to say that I absolutely love the planner, by no comparison the best I've tried.

And now something that bugs me, and may be a suggestion for future updates.

I was planning a real life trip from Denmark down to the south of Germany that I'm gonna make in a few weeks time.
The planner does a nice job planning the route, but the choice of charging stations and charging times bugs me. 

- I have marked the "Clever.dk" network as my prefered chargestations, but most of the time, the planner choose a different one, even though there is a clever.dk charger close by. 
   - sometimes you would have to go 2-3 miles off the freeway to reach it, but that would be ok, since its free

- Also It could be nice to have my preffered network always charge up to 80% as an option.
I have a flat rate deal with my provider and therefore I would prefer to always "top off" my charging at this station, as I would probably have to pay at the next one.

- That also goes for chargers that charge a one time fee for a charging session. It does not make sense NOT to top off the charging once you paid for a session.

I'we seen a lot of charging stations where there appear no price listed, but I know for sure that these stations are not free. Where does the price information come from and can I change it if I for sure know the price at a station`?


Cheers, and keep up the good work.

Nick Kjeldsen


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Hej Nick,

the planner is optimized for speed, not cheap charging.

You will have to pick out your chargers yourself.

The preferred networks should be used, but i think the priority is still chargespeed; so i guess the clever chargers are all 50kW and the planner prefers more power over your preferred network still.

By the way its the same situation for me. I live in germany and like to use the free Aldi/Lidl/Kaufland chargers. I find it easy to spot them with the star and take detours (as in "Add this charger as waypoint") if i want to.

Happy planning!

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Ok, thx that makes sense.

I gave it a shot by adding the stations manually.
I see what you mean by looking for the little yellow star (there just weren't that many clever stations in germany so i hadnt spotted it at first). Thx for the tip

I Also found that then I could actually (by pressing the gear icon) manually change the departure Soc to 80% , works just as intended now!

The one feature of charging lets say 17% at a charger that charges a one time €17 fee still seems a little annoying though.


So suggestion could be a choice between fastest or cheapest route?





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Yes, we have different providers here in Germany; instead of Clever we have Allego, EnBW, E.ON, Ionity and others.
About the manual departure charge: yes, sorry, meant to say that too.
17€ to start? Havent head of that, where do you see that? If, in Germany, its a start fee, then its mostly around 8€. Still not useful for most cases with a leaf but not too bad.
For your trip thorugh germany i can highly recommend getting a Maingau RFID. Everywhere it works the cost is 0.25€/kWh, which is cheaper than germans get electricity at home.

As for your suggestion i think its hard to do. The pricing information is missing for a lot of stations and the informations sources are mostly crowdsourced sites, which means pricing could often be wrong.
Even if there were such an option now i would crosscheck every charge session, and thats not really useful at all.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Something we're still working on is adding more cost information.  It's a complicated story, especially in Europe due to all of the (very nice) consolidation and roaming plans between networks.  The first step we need to take is to get good data for costs.

At the moment, our data is still too spotty to optimize for lowest cost travel, we would end up favoring chargers that we don't have cost information for, perhaps vectoring you to an unexpectedly expensive charger.  Perhaps a future feature once we do have it, though!

Ah, the things I would do if I had more time!  

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