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Description:  Change (or Option) for wind speed in km/h.

Use Case: Wind speed in metric countries is more commonly communicated in news and weather forecasts with km/h rather than m/s. For imperial you have used mp/h so suggest consistency with units when changing to metric.

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Hello ABRP-Team, I like your route planner very well, I use it for every longer route. When will an app developed, I would pay for it or accept advertising (I know, shortcut for Homescreen).

I often plan routes to a destination and then back home (e.g. South North, North South). If I want to consider the wind, I have to plan 2 routes. I would prefer it if I could teach ABRP the wind conditions for every hop. Better with wind directio (ARBP automatically percentages of tail or headwind) , even better with direction for the entire route (circuit) and ABRP calculated how strong the wind from which direction for a hop blows. It would be great if I only specified a departure date and a time and ARBP gets the weather data itself.

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