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Bolt live data prepopulating 115% battery degredation

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Description: when planning a trip with a chevy bolt and pulling live data. the planner prepopulates with 114% battery degradation and results in no plan generated because battery range would be zero.
Link to Plan: screen capture attached.
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Annotation 2019-07-05 093255.png

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I'm having the same issue on my 2019 Bolt. I read on Reddit that the car needs a few discharges below 10% followed by full recharges to 100% to "wake up" this PID. I don't know if it's true, but since my car is not even 2 months old and has a little over 3000km on the odo and I've never gone lower than about 25% charge yet and only charged to 100% a couple of times, my experience to date seems to be compatible with that theory... even if not very conclusive.

I guess I'll need to push it a little more to find out. Can anybody prove this theory wrong?


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On 11/15/2019 at 2:40 PM, dborn said:

Jason, I have one and I'm also a computer programmer so If I can do anything to help, please ask!


Thanks! Best place to start is the rumor that doing a "calibration cycle" will fix the PID (get to low Soc, <10%, then charge to 100%), if we can get confirmation that this correctly fixes the PID, then we're set!

Otherwise we'll have to do a lot more work.

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Got one down...

Drove it all the way down to flashing orange "Low" display (Torque Pro said something like 7.8% SOC raw).

Car display said I used 60.4KWh since last charge! It's currently being charged back up to 100%

I'll try to do it again ASAP. Hope it will "wake up" that PID...

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Got the second one down yesterday. Brought it down to 5.7% and back up to 100% straight.

This morning I check with my OBD2 dongle and Torque. Didn't change anything, unfortunately. I'll try another time when it's convenient. Not having high hopes though.


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On 11/15/2019 at 2:08 PM, Jason (ABRP) said:

at the very least I've updated the API so that anything over 100% SoH is reported as 100% to avoid causing problems with the planner.

Jason, as a matter of fact, the incorrect value is -114% so it's not above 100% so I still need to override the value manually when using the live data. Could you change that to not allow values outside of the valid range 40% to 100% and then use 100% ?

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