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ABRP Speed-Distance Error

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Description: Mismatch between Planned Speed/Distance/Energy Available
Replication Steps:
Description: Planned journey of 99 miles, with a net loss of 2100' of elevation, driving a Chevrolet Bolt starting with 88% charge (49.1 Kwh with degradation), planned consumption of 27 Kwh, Slower If Need box checked, and the planned Arrival charge exceeds my set Arrival Charge Goal . . . but (see attached screenshot of map) about 2/3s of the journey is planned at 37 mph in a 65 mph speed zone, and the map shows a solid blue line, not red with a warning of a planned reduced speed. The calculation is not exact, but approximates mixing kph and mph values for the non-freeway portion of the journey??????

ABRP Speed-Distance Error.png

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