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Red Line on Planning Map?

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I couldn't figure out where to put a question, since this is not a bug or a feature request.

So my first question would be where to put a question?

The main question is how to interpret a red line on the planning map, which seems to correspond to a speed annotation in the text form of the plan.

Does this mean that those are the expected speeds based on traffic, road conditions, speed limits, etc., or does it mean that I have to purposefully limit the speed to that level in order to make it to the next charging station? 

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We have two red lines that tell you different things (and should be shown differently in the plan listing):

Solid red line means you need to drive slower otherwise you won't be able to reach your next step without charging.  This will be accompanied by a "max speed" in the plan listing.  This is solely driven by energy consumption on the route.

Dashed red line means the planner couldn't complete the plan with the given parameters, but gave its best guess.  This might include such oddities as going negative on SoC, or at least violating your given planning parameters, like arriving at a charger with less charge than you specified.

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