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Maximum current of station not taken into account for CCS

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The maximum charging speed seems to be based only on the maximum power of the station, but current limits seem to be ignored.  For a European Model 3 LR, the route planner suggests a stop at a allego CCS HPC charger.  Arrival charge is 18%, departure charge is 59% and the charge duration is shown as 13 minutes.  This averages out to around 140 kW.  Unfortunately, even though the charger has a maximum power of 175 kW, the Model 3 will charge with around 70 kW only, because the charging station is restricted to 200 A and the battery of the Model 3 (at least at a SOC where it can take more than 200 A is less than 400 V).  The 175 kW of the charging station are only reached at much higher voltages (around 900 V, more than double the maximum voltage of the Model 3) and will only be able to be used by the upcoming Porsche Taycan.
The maximum current, voltage and power are included in the Going Electric data. See example station here: https://www.goingelectric.de/stromtankstellen/Deutschland/Bernau-am-Chiemsee/Shell-Station-Theodor-Sanne-Strasse-1/29316/
I think it would be important to address this in an update as those chargers are getting more and more common in Europe.  And Model 3 owners (and some other cars as well) would get incorrect suggestions on where to charge fast.  Do you have the charging curves for both voltage and current?  If so, it should be possible to implement this. 
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That's a shame. With the HPC chargers, this can have a massive effect since some of them are 900+ V and others are around 400 V only. If both have the same power, the 400 V ones have double the current meaning double the charging power for all cars except the Taycan.

I'll check in the Going Electric forum whether the current and voltage can be made available. I think it was only possible to enter those into the station details in the last five months or so so maybe the API hasn't caught up yet.

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