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Can't find route with max charge set

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Description: When using the new charger max charge setting to get more short than few long stops the planner didn't use another supercharger on a part of the route it says it can't find a workable plan for.
Replication Steps:
  1. Use Link to Plan
  1. Use Tesla Model 3 LR RWD Aero
  2. Set Reference Consumption to 144 (Metric)
  3. Set Charger Max Charge to 60%
  4. Set Max Speed to 130km/h
  5. Use CCS (and Tesla CCS)
  6. Plan Constance -> Berlin

See it doesn't find a workable plan from Weimar, charging to 60% there and arriving at Berlin with -1%.
Why didn't it use the Supercharger at Nempitz as the next stop after Weimar (If you manually set Nempitz as a stop it does find a workable plan, even with Weimar manually set as well)?

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Sorry, I forgot one thing with the max charge feature - now that is in place and your plan above works as it should.

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