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I just discovered "abetterrouteplanner.com" and find it very useful. But to use it with a Spark EV, it seems the best option I have is to use a Hyundai Ioniq with 50% degradation and adjust the Km/Kwh. I cannot use the similar range first gen Leaf because it is ChaDemo and the Spark EV is CCS.

Any plans to add the Spark EV?

Kind regards,



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We'd love to add the Spark EV! If you're willing to help out a little, I can get it added this week.  I basically just need the charge curve on a fast charger, I've managed to dig up everything else.  If you have one, you could drive it down to a low SoC (like 5-10%) and video the dashboard as you fast charge to 100%.  Assuming it has a power readout, or at least some kind of SoC readout, I can create a charge curve from that!

Or if you can find someone online who's already done that, that'd work too!


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16 hours ago, fargo1019 said:

If I can figure all this out, I will contribute something. We just got a Spark yesterday and I'm still learning.

Great! Let me know if I can answer any questions for you to help you get started!

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After asking for help in the r/SparkEV subreddit,


u/krishtosh wrote this:


As luck would have it - Forgot to plug in my car last night, so I ran her hard on the way to work and used a DCFC near work for this video:


A few things to keep in mind: \- Averaged 40kW when I've seen up to 50kW at the stations that can do 150kW. This station was rated for 50kW so the overhead was lower. \- I was running accessories like A/C and the infotainment because it was hot as crap and I was eating lunch. \- The car only shows the accurate percentage and time remaining when it's shut off so I wasn't able to show those screens. \- I didn't have the heart to run it up to 100% SOC (got it up to 98%) because a Leaf had been waiting almost 10 minutes and didn't want to make them wait another 5+ for the last couple percent. ​ I can't imagine not having DCFC it's a major convenience.

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That's perfect, actually! I've released the alpha model, the charge curve is still a little bit of a guess, as you noted.

On that note, do you know if the Bolt EV PIDs work for the Spark? If so, we can start getting some live data set up for y'all as well.

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On 8/2/2019 at 12:03 AM, Spark EV said:

Thanks Jason.

Yes both Volt and Bolt PIDs work on the Spark but I believe needs some modifications.

However my car don't have CCS. But I can ask to other members

If you can get me a copy of the edited PIDs, I will post them in the setup instructions for others to use as well.

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