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Tesla "High Usage" superchargers


Tesla's announcement that it will limit a charge to 80% at "high-use" superchargers changes planning a trip with ABetterRoutePlanner - or does it? Are you able to determine which superchargers are "high-use" so that if I stop at one ABetterRoutePlanner won't plan that I should stay there beyond an 80% charge? 

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MUCH more importantly, all you have to do at one of these "high usage" SCs is adjust your charging limit back up to 90 or 100% or whatever you want.  They don't lock it on you, they just adjust it to 80 to encourage you to get going at that point.  But if you want more they don't stop you.

That said, ABRP rarely asks me to charge to more than 70% let alone 80%; it takes too long, and the majority of Tesla SCs are close enough to each other that most Teslas won't need to charge over 70% to get to the next one.

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